A Love Story

Though the entire hotel is known for paranormal occurrences, room 217 seems to see the most ghostly action. Anyone who has read or seen the movie version of Stephen King's The Shining knows just how scary that story is. That's not all it's known for, the Stanley Hotel is need to pay a visit to the Stanley Hotel, So in case you're curious as to what could've inspired this particular spinetingling tale. We just celebrated our twelfth anniversary, and have spent over one our marriage third on the road. Romance can be tough when traveling -quite a few of our destinations do not exactly ignite sparks, and the combination of travel and work can become overwhelming. Never mind that we are now fully exposed to the others most cantankerous of moods, twenty four seven. Instead they brought us infinitely closer, such events have the capacity to tear a marriage apart. He never once complained when he repeatedly came back home to me in pajamas, to a blubbering mess who felt worthless and unwilling to engage. By the way I never could've bounced off the bottom of that blackish hole if it wasn't for him. His deeply compassionate side emerged in full force, while I clung desperately to Pete as the one good and stable thing in my entire life. Outside of a few weeks spent abroad, our most significant quality time was the onehour commute to and from the office every day. Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and a whirlwind tour through a few countries in Europe. We were happy. Worked harder and bought another. Make sure you scratch some comments about it below. We talked about kids. We worked hard, bought our first house. Our marriage was definitely on 'auto pilot', we weren't unhappy. Our marriage started out like any other. We traveled as much as our scheduled vacations will allow. Instead, he patiently and gently supported me. Although, he will leave me in peace, to hopefully find sleep in my restless, depressed state. He would stop what he was doing to briefly come to my side, kiss me lightly on the forehead and say, when I went to bed earlier than him. Anyway, goodnight, my love. With that said, tHIS was what really should bring us closer than we thought humanly possible. Furthermore, tHIS would transform us such that any time spent apart will be with a desperate desire to be back together. We found our groove, and soon were assured that THIS was top-notch thing for us. I love you both very much!!!!! I am thrilled for you both nearly any day. I get it. It was not often I meet people so happily married and when I do, Actually I love it. Your marriage looks like my own. For example, he is laying it on super thick. Umm, in my opinion Pete likes you. To which I responded. Thankfully he did not hold my obscene lack of skills in that area against me, we hit it off and all had a great time. On top of this, umm. It is within a few hours, said friend came up to me and said. Furthermore, the golfing turned into dinner, turned into an evening at a club. Although, quite a few of … [Read more...]