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Hudson Institute Senior FellowHank Cardello weighs in on the latest round between the NFL and the growing number of activists who are attacking its stand on concussions. In his latest post, Cardello suggests that the NFL should recognize those who are railing against it as an important market segment, not as a parariah. Basically the story was featured in the Wall Street Journal Risk and Compliance Blog a week or so later,here. Undoubtedly it's an enormous, global business, projected to reach $ 7 trillion by In May 2013, we helped FTI Consulting write the story of how it helped a global manufacturer of personal health care products, and a Japanese auto parts manufacturer, fight back, The sale of counterfeit goods ain't a big business. Notice that FTI used forensic analysis of the counterfeiters' packaging to disrupt their supply chain and shut them down, instead of making hitandrun busts of 'street level' dealers. Therefore, our client Hank Cardello, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and the leader of its Obesity Solutions Initiative, seized on the historic announcement, that he calls a moment of profitable morality. Eventually, in February 2014, Cversus Caremark Corp, a $ 126 billion pharmacy and health care company, stunned consumers and businesses by announcing it will give up $ 2 billion in revenue this fall by no longer selling cigarettes at its 7660 drugstores. Our client Hank Cardello of the Hudson Institute writes in his latest guest commentator post for aboutwhat Washington could learn from the food industry on how to work with 'antiindustry' activitists. Through lots of initiatives, the food industry and loads of its critics have found common ground in the fight against obesity and for healthier food.You can read Hank's article here. Subscribe to our newsletter, Thoughts on Thought Leadership, and you'll get exclusive insights on new approaches to developing content, thought leadership marketing, case studies of B2B firms doing interesting things, and QAs with leading marketers, researchers and publishers. Then the company was criticized for not disclosing its investments in health organizationsand health research initiatives. You can read his article here. In his latest post for, our client Hank Cardello discusses the criticism lobbied against Coke, and why the beverage giant's new transparency about who it funds is good but not good enough. CocaCola' Co. Needless to say, below are that increasingly accept good quality articles from outside contributors. Nevertheless, we have helped our clients publish many opinion articles in key business and trade publications. For example, whenever quoting him extensively, shortly after the FTI Journal article appeared, the Wall Street Journal published a commentary in its Morning Risk Report here focusing on the significant poser Kershaw identified. Although, ask how we can help, if your thought leadership marketing needs a boost. At the Bloom Group we … [Read more...]

What’s Business Law

Whenever obtaining the most bookings from potential customers, while we would never advocate for discounting, price is the most important factor in securing a higher page position on the sorted search results ­. Ensure that you are constantly monitoring your competition's room rates, the demand in your destination and your inventory levels and adjust your rates regularly in line with that info, instead of discounting. For the most part there're have in mind the terms and codes of trade especially within their intentional market. Failing to comply with the law is a serious offense and the company may end up folding so. Besides, a company must look to hire a lawyer who is aware of the business laws set by the Department of Trade and the lawyer ought to figure out how the company performs in their industry without bypassing federal laws. Business law also covers the partnership fact of the company. Many partnerships have landed in court simply as long as some codes were not met or the other party had more benefits than the other party did. At times, the companies who look for to merge but they may still look for to maintain their rights and recognition within their market. Gains, shares, and investments need to be addressed fully before signing a partnership agreement. Nonetheless, a decent contract will be put in place and both parties should agree to work within the laid down rules and regulations in the contract. All in all, business law ensures that a company practices in the correct way and that the business runs smoothly and that all the parties involved in the various commerce sectors know the codes of operation. How about visiting 100 website. By the way, the lawyer needs to come up with various proposals to present to the other parties, when a company wants to bid for tender or have a project. Accordingly a business may need a lawyer to sides of trade from the registration of a business to hiring employees and selling goods across the globe. At times, disputes arise and when there was no binding agreement, the business suffers a huge loss. Although, they need to know the codes, laws, and terms of reference, before someone starts any business. At times, seek for to trade with other companies and need advice from their lawyers and similar business professionals on the proposed plan. Of course, business law terms are difficult to understand hence look, there's sometimes a need to hire a lawyer to interpret the report and ensure that the client know what any business documents entail. … [Read more...]